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Turks and Caicos Home Developer

R. Matt McDonald is Managing Director of Vista Development, Ltd. and ProNet Capital, LLC, Vista’s Colorado-based sister company. ProNet Capital, which Mr. McDonald co-founded in 2000 with W. Scott Boatman, is a boutique private equity and real estate development firm with an established track record in the development and co-development of multifamily properties in the Seattle area and hospitality properties primarily in the Caribbean market. Mr. McDonald has substantial financial management experience with private and publicly held companies, as well as a significant background in the banking industry. He is currently an active Board Member for the West Caicos Reserve project, a $1 billion residential and hospitality real estate enterprise where he led recapitalization and restructuring efforts that resulted in a $120 million equity investment. McDonald was also the first developer to bring new luxury villas to the north shore area of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, including the 7,600+ square foot Mother’s House, which achieved 2017’s highest resale price at $7.625 million. In addition, as Director of Development for NCPA, McDonald is managing the marina and residential development on over 100 acres of property in the North Creek area of Grand Turk.

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